Saturday, 13 February 2010

Felt Fishy Fing

I made this hanging ornament using 7 fish. (I promise to take better pictures tomorrow in the light.)  I used along doll needle and white embroidery floss (six strands).  I inserted the needle then separated the fish (front from back) with a little pinch, before forcing the needle into the body and through the mouth.  In total I made 28 little fishes and I have strung four hangings like this one.  I am going to create a tute for this.  I will post that soon.  I am sure there a lots of people out there with stray bits of felt which need some attention.  Both my sons have on of these hangings in their rooms.  The one I have an image of is for a friend's son.  I really enjoyed making them, using up otherwise unused supplies.

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