Saturday, 23 January 2010

New for 2010

If transforming the way I look was as easy as revamping my blog. Well I know which bits of me I would drag and drop. Which bits I'd copy and paste and which bits I'd send straight to the recycle bin. Oh the life of the rich and famous not so much the click of a mouse but the sweep of a blade. Hmm.

I have been sorting out my computer (a little housekeeping was indeed in order)hence the long awaited blog banner. It did not take long and is fitting for today. I might want to change it later though.

Like a lot of people I craft on a budget but I want to stay up to date and enjoy expressing myself to the fullest. I have found two pieces of software in the last few days that will increase my creativity intensely. I am really grateful that a whole lot of technology is available for free via the web. In our recent age of make do and mend I am truly grateful.

If you don't have office try open office
If you don't have photoshop, corel draw and the like try Netpaint

They are working for me and they could work for you too.

The spirit of the internet lives on in freeware.

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