Monday, 11 August 2008

Why do things go missing???????????

I have a really important meeting today. It is a meeting I have been dreading for a while now. I had prepared most of the paperwork for it in advance, but left a little bit of sorting for this morning. Well, I cannot find what I am looking for. The letter with the time of the meeting has disappeared. Grrr! I am going nutty looking around the house and thought a bit of chill out (which is why I am doing this) might help me to relax and therefore get sorted. I mean the letter has simply been misplaced. It is not lost. It better blooming hadn't be.

Over the weekend I have been working on my submission for my August UK Art Lottery entry.

Sneaky peek.

I have also completed my bunting for a swap on UKS hosted by me.

The swap is near its end and I have to go away, unexpectedly. Oh my! This should cause only a small delay to the swap out date. I hope that swap ends on a high note. I am sure it will, the work I have received for it this far has been stunning.

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  1. I hope you find your paperwork - things are forever wandering off in my house too.

    liking the art raffle sneak peek!!!


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