Friday, 6 June 2008

Serenely dreaming!

What on earth is Colic and how come a breast fed baby has it?

Poor Angelo. He has had stomach ache forever and a really bad problem with wind; from both ends, and for what seems like his entire life (all three weeks of it LOL). He grunts, groans and draws his legs up like no other.(child of mine that is) I knew there was something not quite right.

I invested in bottle of INFACOL last night and while it made no difference then, it has today. My little man has been asleep now for a couple of hours. What a joy. I should be tidying up or doing something constructive but I am enjoying the time without him needing me; to feed or cuddle him because he is in pain.

Neither of my other two had Colic.

I have never known a child cry, break wind and go red, so much. Poor wee thing. He is settled and happy now . I hope this lasts (for my sake as much as his). :)

I am loving him serenely dreaming.


  1. hey hun you won the RAK on my blog so let me know your address and Il post them out to you. Glad everything is ok,l dont worry about the colic ashaara had it and she was breast fed!

  2. Awww Colic is the most awful thing for a baby.

    I used to put my son across my knee and rub his back .. together with with INFACOL it really helped.

    It does eventually pass honest !!Thinking of you xxxxxxxx

  3. Awww hope he gets over it soon hun. Poor bub. Hope you are managing to get some rest too hun xxx

  4. hey monica
    for some reason my email link isnt working so would you mind emailing me your address again her my addy
    sorry to be a pain

  5. Ditto on hysteri-cal's suggestion. I did the same with my boys too. And def keep up with the Infacol.
    Hope he's better soon.

  6., totally forgot about THAT little episode in my little man's life!! It was only 6 years ago, but I remember bunging in those orangey drops before plugging him on ha ha. Good luck with the breast feeding! xx


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