Sunday, 29 June 2008


Here's how to make the template to create uniform sized bunting.

Use card or paper to create the template.

Step one (see image 1)
Cut one rectangle shape from the card or paper to the following dimensions, 6"X5".

Step two (See image 1)
To find the mid point of your shape fold your paper or measure and mark the mid point of the shortest edge.

Step three (See image 1)
Draw a line from the centre point to the outer edge at the base of the rectangle. This will be your cutting line.

Step 4 (See image 1)
cut along the line, this can be done with a steady hand and sharp scissors or with a cutting machine.

Now your template is complete. you can now use it to create uniform bunting flags. (See image 2)

Remember when you have traced around the shape of your template to cut inside the lines so that the shape is not distorted.

Image 1

Image 2

Have fun decorating.


  1. thanks for including a photo as anything with numbers confuses me..guess who hated maths at school..hope your post gets accepted by mafia bunny!!

  2. Thanks for the instructions, can't wait to play x


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