Sunday, 24 February 2008


Another great swap on UKS hosted by Dotty Dotty. I have finally finished mine and I love the way that they have turned out.

I have named them. Sad I know. From left to right we have;

Freya, Pheobe, Flossie, Pippa, Prudence and Fleur.

I made them using TH distress inked backgrounds that were cut into button shapes using sizzix sizzlet button collection. The buttons were strung like beads using a light gauge wire. I used a stamp for the face (Stella)The dolls were made in sets of three. One set was finished by adding beading and for the other three I brushed a layer of 3D gloss over the entire design after glittering.

I need to make space on my memory card. A very dear friend is calling by with her week old daughter. I feel honoured. I cannot wait VEXCITED :)


  1. Hi Monika
    These dolls are fantastic. Love your bits about Tim. It's nice to hear someone being complimentary about Dawn too,she gets some bad press on UKS yet I'm sure she introduced a lot of us to scrapping even if we feel we have moved on.


  2. Oh Fab button dollz - I'm making mine for the swap just now too.

    Your day with Tim sounded good - I met him at a retreat I went to and did some classes with him - very inspiring!

    (UKS - J-Bug)

  3. Love the dolls, Monika, and the names suit them soooo well !!!

  4. you button dolls are wonderful.. I have only made one thus far.. Thanks for you lovely post about my brother.. it is nice someone understands, even though it has been a few years.. TH is wonderful!! Love his stuff!!

  5. stunning work as usual monika will let you know when they arrive safetly



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