Sunday, 2 September 2007

Filey Find

I am lucky enough to have sensible inlaws who have retired to Filey. It is such a beautiful place. I really look forward to spending summers, breaks etc there with my family.

On the first day I found this plate in a second hand shop. It was late in the evening and the shop was closed. We were only staying for a few days so the schedule was very tight, but despite this I managed to get back to the shop the next morning and my gorgeous find was still there.

The plate cost £1. I cannot believe how cheap it was.

On the reverse it has an engraving Victoria's Jubilee. Though I am not a royalist I did gasp when I turned the plate over. I don't know anything about it, how old it is etc. It is just BEAUTIFUL. It jumped right out of the window to me and for that price it had to be mine. I think this plate will inspire me. I am hoping so. I love the texture the colours and the its history. Most of all it will always remind me of our first visit to John's parents in Filey.


  1. I love it, and WOW to the price... didn't think you could get beautifulness for that price anymore:) look forward to seeing it irl (maybe you could replace 'that' picture...LOL!!!

  2. thats great and i love the plate, really cool!!!


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