Sunday, 5 August 2007

An update

I haven't blogged for a couple of days because I have been really busy with other things. Yesterday I went to the library with Marcus in the morning and we spent a couple of hours there. We had a great time. I did spend sometime on the computer when I got back but didn't have anything to blog about in the main so I didn't.

Friday was a great day. I went shopping. Now who does not love shopping. Not food shopping as I hate the mundane ritual of it but BED shopping. We are getting a new bed it will arrive on Friday. I have been after a new bed for ages. My man is 6 foot 2" and quite heavy. I am decidedly shorter, but heavy all the same. We have been sleeping on a shocking matress squeezed into a double bed with miserly dimensions 4 feet by 6. Anyway this will go on no longer as we have purchased a king sized bed. 5 feet by 6 feet 6 ". OH will have room to stretch his legs now. Whoopee. Now if that was not exciting enough the matress is sprung with a layer of memory foam. I am delighted. It really does mould to your body and you just feel so comfortable.

Now when a girl gets a new bed that is bigger than her old one she needs new bedding so off I went to TKMaxx to get the highest thread-count for my sheets that I could afford. I also bought a brand new quilt.

Did I mention that the frame is a sleigh bed. Oh I am so happy.

One bit of bad news; the baby fairies did not visit this month. Will have to try again next month.

Thursday brought more good news. We were offered a new house. I have declined but I am on the look out for empty properties near by. I have spotted one. We will see how this develops.

Of late I have become a bit of a social butterfly. I am off out this afternoon to one of my friend's houses. She is hosting a welcome home party for her 19 year old daughter who has just returned from gap year travel. I cannot wait to see her.

Happy Sunday everyone.

I did forget something. I was visited on Thursday evening by an evil creature. The mosquito. Now I have three bulging lumps on my forhead. YUK. No pictures of me this afternoon.


  1. hope you had a great day at your party!!

    ((Hugs)) and hoping the faries visit you next month! xx

  2. the bed sounds wonderful:) and here's hoping you get a bfp next month:)


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