Wednesday, 22 August 2007

I love my computer

It is not often, but when I get the chance I really like to get into my computer. When I say into I really do mean climbing in an having a good old feel around the software that I own. This time I have been playing with CS3.

I am rubbish at image manipulation. It takes forever and seldom works out . My intentions outweigh my abilities. Not true this time though.

I found this Victorian image of an African American little girl. She is so cute and I felt that she needed to be an angel so I made her into one. I love her.

What magic will I be creating with her. I don't know but it will be beautifully magical and seen here when inspiration strikes.

My images are ready.


  1. Love your little angel - she is beautiful. Where did you find her?

  2. I have pm'd you on UKS hun X

  3. These are so beautiful - you think of such clever things!!


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