Friday, 31 August 2007


We had a very short break in Filey. John's parents moved there six months ago. I was not looking forward to going, but had a fab time and took some great photos.

We crammed lots into our stay. On Tuesday evening (the day we arrived we went down to the beach at Filey. They have this water feature with all the name from sea charts ( the one from the shipping forecast). Anyone who knows me knows I love the shipping forecast. I don't know what it means, I just love the strange sounding words and the rhythm when it is being read. The names formed a compass which is a water feature there.

On Wednesday we went to Scarborough. We did the market and a couple of craft shops. One was better than the other. I only spent a tenner so that should say something.

We went on a boat ride aboard the Queensferry. What choppy madness that was. I was terrified but so was everyone else.

John and Marcus went crabbing on the pier. That was hilarious. My John is a carp fisherman. He was being very competitive. Between them they only managed two crabs. A man and his lads further along the pier managed low sixties. Laugh, I nearly wet myself.

We left Scarborough after Fish and chips in a little cafe (licks her lips they were yum)


  1. and where are the pics of you missus???!!! Sounds like a fun trip :)

  2. I do have some I'm saving them for the next post hunX


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