Monday, 23 July 2007

Bind it all

Well this is the tool of the moment. I really love mine. I should be showing you what I have made, but like a numpty I bought the largest rings and now need the smaller ones to play the way I want. So guess what? You guessed it, I've been shopping again and I've now bought all sizes. My smaller rings should be here by the end of the week. Should be up for a bit of show and tell by then.

Is anyone out there like me?
I expect not as I am truly unique (LOL). What I mean is, like me in the sense that you make purchases; having thought of lots of things to do which have inspired the purchase, only to feel a total lack of inspiration when the products are right there in front of you. It is a bit like writer's block and a right royal pain in the butt in my opinion.

Sometimes a bit of a distraction helps.

I love the Pencil Lines challenge for this week. I have printed off my photo. Let's hope I get it finished.

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