Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I love swaps. It means I get to experiment with ideas that I wouldn't necessary investigate. This time it is the SHRINE.

I began my creation with an oversized matchbox tray. I was signed up to an altoid shrine swap. I couldn't locate altoids and my alternatives just did not fit the bill so I improvised. Twas a wise person indeed who said
'Necessity is the mother of all invention'
finding the tray was my turning point. Until then I had Shrineblock. This is usual for me as I sign up for things on UKS that I have no idea about really. But that is all the fun.

I now love shrines and I am on my second.

I found a great template here which I have used to surround my matchbox tray. I did modify it slightly so that it would work with my project.

My second shrine is in the first stages of development. ie not decorated. This shrine is based on a regualar sized matchbox tray. I am loving the challenge of working at this scale. Will upload more pictures as my project develops.

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  1. This is lovely - what a good idea to use a matchbox as a base - love the design. Are the little birds images or are they your own stamp design. Would love to know. x


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