Monday, 23 April 2007

St George's Day

I used to have mixed feelings about this day. In my opinion it was highjacked by facists and therefore it represented everything I hate, but my views have changed. I think decent upstanding people should own this day. I think it should be a national holiday. anyway enough on that.

I got lots of new sachets today for making more stamps with my image pac. I spent a lot of time earlier on printing acetates. Some of them were a waste of time others not so. I am now prepared for stamp making tomorrow. I cannot wait. will upload my makes when they are done. I love my imagepac. It gives me the freedom to have new stamps pretty much when I want for a fraction of the price. Technology can be a wonderful thing.

Yesterday I made and decorated an emeryboard folder.

Today I've made a couple of ATCs which I am going to trade on UKS.

Both ATCs are based on the nursery rhyme 'Sing a song of sixpence'.

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