Thursday, 26 April 2007

I've been tagged. Cheers Louise :)

7 random things about me

I only found out that Yorkshire puddings were gorgeous last year. What a discovery. I'd never eaten them becauas they looked so crazy, but I should know never to judge a book by its cover or in this instance a food by its look or indeed smell. I love them. Yummy.

I get no period pain ever.

I hate dentists and all things related. YUK. Despite this every one says I have really lovely teeth.

I have never seen the movie 'Whatever happened to Baby Jane?'

I went to meet someone who I met on the interenet yesterday. I'd taken part in a swap on UKS that she was also involved in and she realised that we lived quite close by and asked if I wanted to meet up with her. I am so glad I did she is lovely. We were safe and met in Starbucks (just incase) Well you never can tell, but what I learned from this was taking calculated risks is part of life and can sometimes lead to good things.

I love ZZ top's 'Lowrider'

I met my current partner when I was 12 and we got together when I was 25. We always liked each other, but steered clear when we were younger. I hadn't seen him for years, he and my brother were really close and then one day when I was going to visit a friend, he rode past me on a push bike. He was lean, strong looking and very smiley. I invited him to my party and we've been together ever since. Life aye!

Think that's seven. Okay off to see who I can tag.

The rules are simple. Find 7 people to tag. You must redirect them to your blog so that they can read the rules via a comment telling them that they have been tagged. Now is this just a spur to get people to read your blog? YUP, but is it fun: YEAH :) So don't be shy.


  1. How on earth can you get to your 30s without tasting yorkshire puds?!?!?!? you should be ashamed...LOL!!!

  2. lol- ok got it now- I'll be off to do mine and find somepeople to tag


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